Hello Lisbon & Berlin!


I’m on a plane at the moment heading to my 1st WebSummit in Lisbon. I’ll also be in Berlin this week visiting our awesome Metro program. I’m excited to see Lisbon for the 1st time and as a food and wine lover, Portugal has always been on my list!

 My WebSummit schedule: 

Monday 11/7 – I’ll be attending the Venture conference on Monday and hosting a Roundtable on “Founders that Don’t Scale: How to Handle” (Table 5 at 1:30PM).  As someone who has been a founder and is now a VC, this is a topic that is important to me and I feel this is something the Tech/Venture world needs to work on. I’m looking forward to sharing best practices and hearing from other investors how they handle these delicate situations.

Tuesday 11/8 – I’m a judge for the PITCH event. I’ll be on the 11:15am slot on PITCH Stage 3. Really looking forward to seeing the companies and meeting new people! And yes, I’m thankful I have a distraction from the insanity of the US election on Tuesday.

Wednesday 11/9 – I’m hosting a Workshop called “Cracking the Code: How to Speak VC” at 10:00 AM in Pavilion One of the FIL in Lisbon. I’m really looking forward to this one also as I’m going to take a crack at translating some of the behavior, messaging and “body language” entrepreneurs often get from VCs.

Berlin Schedule: 

Then its off to Berlin for a quick two days! I am looking forward to visiting our Metro Accelerator on Thursday for Office Hours with the companies there. We are thrilled to be partnered with METRO to drive innovation in Hospitality and Retail and the companies working on innovation in these categories are very engaging!

On Friday I’m hosting a talk at the Factory in Berlin on an important topic: “How to win in the US from the EU” at 11 AM. We’ll discuss effective strategies for EU based companies to attract capital, customers, and success in the US from abroad. Topics covered will include fundraising strategies that work, US market entry timing, investor relationships, and the US M&A landscape and how the major tech acquirers view EU companies. If you are in Berlin, come join the conversation!

If you are at any of these events, come say hi!
P.S. – Huge shout out to Brian Daly for being awesome and connecting me with the WebSummit folks.

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