Our investment in Smart Vision Labs

I’m excited to share that we recently led the Series A investment in Smart Vision Labs, Inc. The company is based in New York City, and is changing the way eye exams are done with the world’s first commercially available, mobile phone based autorefractor, the SVOne.


The Smart Vision Labs press release and TechCrunch coverage talk about the global market opportunity and need in detail, so I’ll suffice it to say we believe that seeing well is a right, not a privilege. We also love to see technology used for good and to improve our lives, so these two ideas together are very compelling for us.

When we first saw the SVOne and met the team behind the technology, we were inspired by the potential and the sophistication of the approach Smart Vision Labs has taken. The solution uses wavefront aberrometry, a technology typically found in large, heavy desktop autorefractors in your eye doctor’s office. The team at Smart Vision Labs has shrunk this down, connected it to the cloud and put it into the palm of your hand.  Its true convergence.

Yaopeng Zhou (CEO)  and Marc Albanese (COO) are passionate and mission-driven co-founders with strong backgrounds in the vision and optics space. They have a great story and a long history together. From the early days at grad school, Yaopeng and Marc have had a clear vision (sorry, had to!) around what was possible in this realm and have been pursuing it relentlessly. What started as an idea between two researchers at BU has become a groundbreaking product already in use around the world.  Like every great entrepreneurial journey, they’ve had their challenges and curveballs thrown at them. Yaopeng and Marc have handled all of it well and are monster executors – they just get things done! This Series A financing is another one of those milestones, and we are fired up about where the company is going next.

The entire team at Smart Vision Labs is great and laser focused on the task at hand, and I’m happy to also announce I’m joining the Smart Vision Labs board as a Director.  All of us at Techstars Ventures look forward to digging in and working with Smart Vision Labs on this important mission of improving eye exams and helping people the world over see more clearly.

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