Play it Back! My Codementor session on how to get into Techstars

Earlier this week I did a live Hangout for Codementor on “How to get into Techstars” – it was a Q&A format talk. Codementor is a great platform that provides developers help with roadblocks or issues while building things. Its like having another developer in the room, right when you need them. They have been running a great series of office hours on both technical and non-technical topics.

Some really smart questions were asked and we covered a lot of ground in the hour. Topics covered included the sole founder question, equity, locations, how to prepare, how to stand out and more.  I also shared some of my own experiences and POV on the Techstars program (I was in the very first class in Boulder 2007). In case you are applying to Techstars, or thinking about applying, check out  the Office Hours recording here.  (And you can ask me anything you want that didn’t get covered in the comments on this post as well). Thanks to Codementor for having me on!